Technique Builder: Build the Perfect Composing Practice Routine

Technique Builder: Build Your Perfect Composers Practice Routine

This option is ideal for composers who are trying to build their technique and ability to compose music more effectively. Just as musicians practice scales, arpeggios, and repertoire to improve their skill, composers can also create a daily practice routine to improve their technique and abilities.

While this offering is not a course, it does provide students with a set of three graded composition techniques per month that they can practice in their daily composition routine to improve their ability to create music. The techniques are graded at three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Composers start with the beginning technique. When the beginning technique is mastered, it's then possible to move on to the intermediate and advanced technique. Composers receive a new set of exercises each month.

Inspiration doesn't always come when you want it to come. By spending a few minutes a day improving your technique, you'll be better able to quickly notate and express your ideas when inspiration hits.

Over the course of a year, the course goes over 12 techniques that you can integrate into your practice routine. When you are too busy to compose music, these techniques can help you maintain your abilities and keep your composition skills sharp.

Composers who don't regularly compose music may find it more difficult to create after a long period of rest. By practicing these exercises, you'll become a more effective composer, maintain and improve your current abilities.

Self-Study Music Composition Courses: Craft of Music Composition

Self-study music composition courses let you study music composition on your own without the help of an instructor. These courses are designed by a professional composer who holds a Masters in Music Composition. Studying from a professionally-trained composer gives you access to inside information and expert tips that are very difficult to get without traditional study.

There are currently two courses available:

    • Level 1 - Craft of Music Composition: This course takes composers from the beginning to end of creating an entire music composition. This is a useful course for composers who are experiencing writers block since it restricts most of your choices, which makes it easier to concentrate on creating an effective piece.

    • Level 2 - Craft of Music Composition: While all composers can benefit from this course, it's intended to be used by advanced composers. The course gives composers the skills and information necessary to create music more effectively and effortlessly.

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